Inside Neiman Marcus' 2018 'Fantasy Gifts' List

Jet set for the holidays! Shoppers can also buy a $630,000 Indian Subcontinent experience, which includes a 32-day trip for up to four people to India, Nephal, Bhutan, and the Maldives

Neiman Marcus wants to sell one lucky — and loaded — shopper a $7.1 million yacht for Christmas.

The luxury department store has just unveiled its hotly-awaited Fantasy Gift wish list for 2018, and as ever, it’s packed with super-pricey items only the ultra-rich could hope to splash out on.

In addition to a 74-foot yacht, this year’s list also includes a Sugarfina candy bar with one million pieces of candy for $325,000, a $630,000 month-long trip for four to India and the Maldives, and a $315,000 ‘secret agent’ experience in Las Vegas.

The most expensive item by far this year is the one-of-a-kind 74-foot yacht, which a single buyer can purchase for $7.1 million.

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Inside Neiman Marcus’ 2018 ‘Fantasy Gifts’ list

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