Irish surgeon accused of fraud suggested staff on his estate involved in burglary

Luton Crown Court in England.
Luton Crown Court In England – Image Nick Ansell/PA

A surgeon alleged to have made up a story about his country estate home being burgled so that he could make a £180,000 fraudulent insurance claim, told a claims consultant he thought the crime had been committed by workers on the estate.
Dr Anthony McGrath is said to have pointed the finger of suspicion at estate staff at Luton Hoo in Bedfordshire.
Claims consultant Matthew Elmer told a jury he had gone to see the orthopaedic surgeon five days after he had first reported that his home on the Luton Hoo estate had been broken into and valuable items of property taken.
Elmer said at the time of the visit he was a personal claims consultant with the Lloyd’s Banking Group.
He told Luton Crown Court that when he arrived at McGrath’s home, a five bedroomed Edwardian house called The Garden Bothy on the estate, the doctor showed him around the property and told him about some of the things he claimed had been taken.
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