Is There a Cover-up Involving Pro Athlete(s) Raping A Woman At a Paradise Valley Mansion Party Five Months Ago?

A sprawling multi-million dollar mansion. Paradise Valley is known for it's 'winter homes' of the wealthy.

One of the typical multi-million dollar mansions you will find lining the streets of Paradise Valley, AZ. – (No relation to this story) Photo: Bing



By Mark Taylor – Billionaire World News

Police in Paradise Valley, AZ., are supposedly still investigating a sexual assault/rape that occurred over 5 months ago on January 1, 2019. However the investigation was first heard about mainstream just yesterday after a report by Morgan Loew reporting for CBS 5 Investigates out of Phoenix.  Why just yesterday we ask? Here is what BWN hears is really happening.

Paradise Valley is a sprawling desert area that is home to many well to do people including CEO’s, corporate owners, athletes, celebrities, and billionaires hiding behind the hedges of their huge multi-million dollar mansions. Many of the homes there measure 20,000 to 25,000 square feet. That’s over 10 times the size of an average home, just to give you an idea of money these people spend on the homes, many of which are ‘just’ winter homes.

The sexual assault took place during a mansion party that was thrown for and attended by professional athletes according to interviews with the victim’s family, others who attended the party, police documents and email exchanges with police.

The victim, who is 20 years old, was invited to the event by a woman named Kaya. She says Kaya had approached her daughter at a pool party months before.

The victim’s mother said according to the CBS 5 Investigates report, “What she did remember was waking up intermittently through the night and seeing males over the top of her. Two different males, and also cameras flashing,” said her father. They both believe their daughter was drugged. The victim is said to have identified a suspect who is known as a professional athlete.

According to the CBS 5 Investigates report and a police report that was taken the following day, the victim woke up in a bedroom with no clothes and was unable to find her underwear. She agreed to a rape exam. That day, police searched the mansion and found underwear and condoms.

Five months later, police have made no arrests and have not named any suspects. They declined an on-camera interview, but addressed questions sent via email to

Morgan Loew and CBS 5 Investigates(KPHO Broadcasting Corporation), learned that the mansion where the party was held is a rental and that the woman who rented it for New Year’s weekend is someone named Ashley Beager, who lives in Las Vegas and works as a concierge to athletes.

The victim’s parents believe their daughter was lured to the party. They want to see an arrest, but worry that won’t happen because of the high-profile athletes who were there.

Loew also reported in his investigation, “Just thinking you were drugged is not enough. There needs to be physical evidence some kind of lab reports,” said Jason Lamm, a criminal defense attorney who has represented professional athletes in the past.

“One would like to think that justice is blind and that every investigation is even handed and it doesn’t matter if it’s a 9-to-5 minimum wage worker or a professional athlete. But the reality is police and prosecutors know that people of means, including professional athletes, will hire a top-flight attorney, someone like myself, who will absolutely scrutinize the investigation,” said Lamm.

Because the offenders were partying at a private residence in the hush-hush, everything-hidden-behind-closed-doors wealthy community, there is a good chance that nothing will ever come of this. If there was going to be, why wasn’t this ever reported to the media when it happened? Why the silence?Where is the police announcement of the incident?

Why are professional athletes so sheltered from paying the consequences? It is the same in high school and college. Though the rules state you must have a certain grade point average to participate in sports, many can’t add 2+2, yet they graduate and even get scholarships to the schools they choose and get treated like celebrities all along. Everyone just looks the other way? Do we need to enact laws against this? This would never happen because athletes are mostly treated as special people and get away with all kinds of things. However, the law should NOT be one of them. Who is responsible for this? Who did it AND who didn’t do anything about it? We will keep you posted.

Here is the original article from Morgan Loew and CBS 5 Investigates(KPHO Broadcasting Corporation) – 3TV Phoenix, AZ.

See what the typical mansions of Paradise Valley look like with our Images of The Desert Mansions of Paradise Valley

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Thank you to Morgan Loew and CBS 5 Investigates (A Meredith Corporation Station and KPHO Broadcasting Corporation)

This mansion comes with a 'lazy river' covering the entire back property (as shown)
Another 15,000 sq ft Paradise Valley mansion currently for sale for $18 million.
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