Jailed doctor wants to make mansion a high-tech prison

Prosecutors want Bothra to stay in prison and have called him a flight risk involved in a dangerous drug scheme who has stashed money overseas and lied about family ties in India.

Dr. Rajendra Bothra at his clinic, the Pain Center (Photo: The Pain Center)



A Bloomfield Township doctor offered to turn his $1.4 million mansion into a high-tech prison with infrared cameras and motion detectors and bunk with retired FBI agents if a judge releases him on bond while awaiting trial in one of the country’s largest opioid fraud cases.

The request, filed last Wednesday in federal court, is the latest bid for bond by Dr. Rajendra Bothra, 77, the accused mastermind of a nearly $500 million scheme based at a Warren pain clinic. The clinic had armed guards and standing orders for patients to undergo unnecessary back injections in exchange for pain pills, according to the government.

Bothra, an acclaimed surgeon, humanitarian and politician who received the highest civilian honor bestowed in India, known as the Padmashri, has been jailed for eight months. He is scheduled to stand trial in January alongside five doctors who worked at his clinic, Pain Center USA.

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