Jerry Jones: 'I wouldn't accept anything less than $10 billion' to sell Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys owner and billionaire Jerry Jones (R) put a massive price tag on his franchise. (AP)

The sale prices for NFL franchises continue to go up, and it’s hard to think they’ll go down anytime soon. In these days only billionaires can afford to outright own a team.

Earlier this year, the Carolina Panthers were sold to billionaire David Tepper for $2.3 billion, and at some point, the Seattle Seahawks are going to be sold as well, after the death of owner Paul Allen last month.

One franchise isn’t likely to be on the market anytime soon, and even if it were, it’d have a massive price tag.

‘I wouldn’t accept less than $10 billion’

Dallas Cowboys owner, general manager, and billionaire, Jerry Jones recently sat down with Bloomberg magazine and was asked about a number of topics.

Jones’ most interesting answer had to do with his beloved Cowboys.

Read more starting at ‘Asked “how much would you accept to sell the Cowboys?”, Jones gave a number that just a handful of people on the planet could afford.’at….

Jerry Jones: ‘I wouldn’t accept anything less than $10 billion’ to sell Cowboys

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