Kevin Garnett's Malibu House – Neighbor Sues Over Ocean View – An Aerial Investigation

Here are aerial photos of NBA star Kevin Garnett’s house along the coast of Malibu. As you may have heard, the NBA star is being sued by his Pacific Coast Highway neighbor accusing him of refusing to trim the foliage around his property which is obstructing the neighbor’s view of the ocean. In Malibu, people will and do pay millions for the privacy and views of the water.
He is suing Kevin Garnett for damages and the neighbor is also asking for the judge to rule Garnett MUST cut his trees and bushes as to no longer obstruct the neighbor’s view to the ocean.
So being who we are we decided we just had to have an aerial look at what is really going on. Below you will see Kevin’s home (on the right) next to the angry neighbors (on the left). In a couple of the photos we have added a red line indicting just what or how much the neighbor can actually see or not see because of Mr. Garnett’s bushes and trees. As you can see, for the neighbor to have unobstructed 180′ views of the ocean, you would have to remove Garnett’s house. The house has been there since 1991 so this really shouldn’t be anything new to the neighbor.
Looking at it, it looks as though the neighbor has probably been upset since the home was built, because as you can see Garnett’s home was built fairly close to his neighbors home. The home could have been more centered or located further east on the lot.
None the less, we at Billionaire Addresses feel the neighbor doesn’t have a chance in the lawsuit. His views have been this way since Garnett’s house was built. There are a couple of trees at the bottom of the yard, but cutting those trees will NOT give him much of a better view.
We will keep you posted as the lawsuit meanders it’s way through the legal system.

NBA Star Kevin Garnett's Malibu House (circled on right)
NBA Star Kevin Garnett’s Malibu House (circled on right)

NBA Star Kevin Garnett's Malibu House (circled on right)
NBA Star Kevin Garnett’s Malibu House (circled on right)

Kevin Garnett House Malibu, CA-4
An Aerial View Of Kevin Garnett’s House and Property in Malibu, CA

Kevin Garnett House Malibu, CA-3
Aerial view of the two properties named in the lawsuit against NBA star Kevin Garnett.

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Kevin Garnett House Malibu, CA-8
Aerial photo showing Kevin Garnett’s house in relation to the neighbor’s view.

Kevin Garnett House Malibu, CA-7
Aerial view of Kevin Garnett’s house, named in the lawsuit, in relation to the neighbor’s view.

Kevin Garnett House Malibu, CA-5
Aerial photo of homes without view lines.

Kevin Garnett House Malibu, CA-6
A Couple of Kevin Garnett’s Neighbors Directly Above Him On The Mountainside.

Kevin Garnett House Malibu, CA-9
This aerial shows the view Kevin Garnett’s neighbor has of the ocean. We really don’t feel as though Garnett’s trees really block anything. It’s is more the house than anything.

No matter what anyone’s opinion really is on this one, the judge will make the decision. We will keep you posted. Thank you for visiting! We truly appreciate it and thank you in advance for telling your friends and colleagues about us and our Billionaire Mailing list.

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