MacKenzie's Revenge: Can The Soon-To-Be Former Wife Of Jeff Bezos Wreak Havoc On Amazon?

Amazon's Jeff Bezos Tops The List This Year Again

Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, the world’s most valuable company, recently announced that he and his wife of 25-years, MacKenzie Bezos, are getting divorced. As the world’s richest man and one of the largest shareholders in Amazon, divorce attorneys and Wall Street analysts have begun outlining what the divorce could mean in terms of splitting assets for Jeff Bezos.

Amazon’s market cap is roughly $784 billion. It has around 477 million shares outstanding and Jeff Bezos owns nearly 79 million of those shares or 16%. Those shares of Amazon stock, as well as his other assets, put his net worth at around $137 billion.
The divorce could drastically reduce Jeff Bezos’ stake in Amazon and open the door for his wife to become one of its largest shareholders, with new leverage at the company, according to divorce lawyers and corporate governance experts.
Read much more from Forbes starting at ‘Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos live in Washington State. ‘ at……….MacKenzie’s Revenge: Can The Soon-To-Be Former Wife Of Jeff Bezos Wreak Havoc On Amazon?

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