Mansion Murders: Prosecutors, defense spar over DNA evidence

In the final day of testimony for Week 3 of the Mansion Murders trial, the jury received a science lesson about what DNA is, how it can be left on and collected from items, and how it’s analyzed.
ATF forensic biologist Emily Head said that heat, like that from a house fire, can degrade DNA, but can’t change it to appear to belong to someone else.
The ATF lab was given known DNA samples from Savvas Savopoulos, Amy Savopoulos, Philip Savopoulos, Vera Figueroa, Katerina Savopoulos, Abigail Savopoulos, Nellie Gutierrez, Daron Wint, Derrell Wint, Jordan Wallace, and the Domino’s delivery driver and Domino’s supervisor.
Of the 175 items that were submitted to the lab for analysis, many did not have results. But the ones that did were matches for Daron Wint, according to experts. His DNA was detected on the handle of a kitchen knife that was found propping open a basement window of the home, prosecutors stated. The probability that it would be someone other than Daron Wint’s was 1 in 10 billion, according to officials.
DNA matching Daron Wint was detected on the neck and tag area of a green construction vest found in Amy Savopolous’ burned Porsche, prosecutors said. According to officials, Daron Wint’s DNA was mixed with DNA that matches Savvas Savopoulos.
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Mansion Murders: Prosecutors, defense spar over DNA evidence

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