Mark Zuckerberg Covertly Acquires $59 Million Lake Tahoe Compound

The brown wooden mansion is sprawled amoung the trees on the edge of Lake Tahoe.

Although the deal(s) went down several months ago, it’s only now — thanks to the Wall Street Journal sleuths — that Mark Zuckerberg’s surreptitious real estate ways in the resort destination of Lake Tahoe have become public knowledge. For those geographically-challenged folks, Lake Tahoe is located in the Sierra Nevada mountains and is the largest alpine lake in all of North America. Straddling a state border — the western side lies in California, the eastern in Nevada — the 71-mile-long waterhole is one of the biggest tourist draws west of the Rocky Mountains.

The Facebook head honcho and $74 billion man used a mysteriously named corporate entity to cloak his identity, stealthily paying $22 million for a 17,342 square feet, 15 beds, 15.5 bath Tahoe waterfront mansion last December. The following month, he shelled out $37 million for the larger property next door. All involved parties were required to sign nondisclosure agreements, and the homes’ MLS images were ordered scrubbed from the internet by the billionaire.

Until now……Read and see more at – See Zuckerberg’s New Lake Tahoe Compound

Checkered furniture fills the light airy space in Zuckerbergs new house.
One of the living areas in Mark Zuckerberg’s new Lake Tahoe mansion. Photo: Tahoe Luxury Properties
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