Matthew Bronfman buys Tel Aviv apartment for NIS 50m

The Meier on Rothschild while still under construction.

Meier on Rothschild is a skyscraper on Allenby Street in Tel Aviv, Israel. The tower is 158 meters (520 ft) and It is the second highest residential building in Israel after Nevve Nof Tower.  Photo: Wikipedia


The final apartment in the Meier on Rothschild luxury tower in Tel Aviv has been sold to American Jewish billionaire Matthew Bronfman, sources inform “Globes.” Bronfman is paying NIS 50 million for the duplex apartment on the 38th and 39th floors of the high-rise residential tower at the corner of Allenby Street and Rothschild Boulevard. The 540 square meter apartment has its own internal elevator and faces south and west.

In April 2017, Bronfman married an Israeli, Melanie Lavie and they have a son James Raphael and the family are now expected to make their permanent home in Israel.

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