Meet the 10 richest billionaire royals in the world right now

Prince Albert II of Monaco's net worth reportedly comprises one-fourth of the land he reigns over.

Prince Albert II of Monaco may have one of the highest royal-family net worths in Europe, but it ranks much lower than others’ across the globe. Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images



From Wimbledon to ‘The Lion King’ premiere, the British royals have been out and about as of late. But now, the Duke and Duchess are officially on summer break, reported Caroline Hallemann for Town & Country. The royal family typically takes holiday in July and August, she wrote.

They might have a nice vacation or two planned, but their $500 million-plus net worth doesn’t even make the cut for the top 10 richest royals worldwide.

Where some European royals have the highest net worth among the continent’s royal families— such as Prince Albert II of Monaco— they rank much lower compared to other royal families around the globe.


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