Mike Napoli Buys Brand-New Florida Mansion for $7 Million

Office and garage view
It’s been a rough year for veteran first baseman Mike Napoli. After signing a minor-league deal with the Cleveland Indians this spring, he suffered a gruesome knee injury in April, tearing his right ACL and meniscus. It ended his season … and possibly his baseball career.
A Florida native, he’s been known to spend the off-season in the Sunshine State. Now, he’s cozied up to a new $7 million home in Fort Lauderdale.
The location gives the partying slugger proximity to the bustle and nightlife of Miami while maintaining some much-needed privacy.
The home is a brand-new, ultramodern build, constructed completely of concrete and steel—key for the hurricane-prone state. At a little over 12,000 square feet, we’d say there’s definitely enough room to convalesce from an injury. And the view doesn’t hurt.
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Mike Napoli Buys Brand-New Florida Mansion for $7M

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