Most Expensive House for Sale In The World 2016- Aerial Photos

Here is the recent ‘Most Expensive House In the World’ as of August 2016.
Villa Les Cedres, which the Italian drink maker Campiri gained in its acquisition of Grand Marnier Group (for $760 million in March 2016), is being sold along with Grand Marnier’s two wine businesses in France and Chile, for which Campari will use to kickstart a sale process in the third quarter, Campari CEO Bob Kunze-Concewitz said Monday in an interview in London.
The great estate’s name means The Cedars in English and is in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, a peninsula to the east of Nice, France, known for its tranquillity and warm climate which has always made it a favorite holiday destination to European aristocracy and international billionaire and millionaires.
The estate, a former holiday home of King Leopold II of Belgium, has been in the hands of Grand Marnier’s founding Marnier-Lapostolle family since the 1920s. The mansion was most recently occupied by Suzanne Marnier-Lapostolle, who is part of the Grand Marnier liquor dynasty.
The villa was built in 1830 on the territory of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat when it was part of the town of Villefranche-sur-Mer. It was acquired by David Desire Pollonais in 1850. The heirs of David Desire Pollonnais sold the villa and its fourteen hectares of gardens in 1904 to the Belgian king Leopold II.
The estate has what is said to be one of the most beautiful gardens in Europe, which includes 35 acres of manicured lawns, 15000 plants, and some 20 greenhouses containing rare tropical vegetation.
Neighbors include Microsoft’s co-founder Paul Allen, OAO Lukoil executive Leonid Fedun, the Ferrero family of Nutella fame and Curt Engelhorn, the great grandson of the founder of German chemical company BASF SE.
We also featured another grand estate in the area Villa Leopolda.
Note: Many news outlets have shown Paul Allen’s ‘Villa Maryland’ (pictured below) as the mansion but the real Villa Les Cèdres is actually next door to Allen’s Villa Maryland.

Paul Allen's French escape, Villa Maryland, a hilltop stucco spread with a staff of 12 located in the exclusive enclave of St. Jean Cap-Ferrat.
Many news outlets have claimed this to be Villa Les Cedres when in reality it is the vacation home, named ‘Villa Maryland’, of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.


The real Villa Les Cedres, Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, France


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