Mystery Around Jeffrey Epstein’s Fortune and How He Made It

Epstein was said to have paid $77 million for this Manhattan townhouse - mansion.

Epstein’s Home in Manhattan – Photo By Amanda Gordon For Bloomberg



On Monday, as federal prosecutors unsealed new charges claiming (multi-millionaire or is it billionaire?) Jeffrey Epstein ran a sex-trafficking ring that lured dozens of young women to the house, its heavy wood doors bore crowbar marks — evidence of how authorities forced their way in over the sultry Fourth of July weekend. Prosecutors say they discovered hundreds, possibly thousands of suggestive photographs, including those of what appeared to be underage girls.

The latest turn in the long, lurid saga of Jeff Epstein comes more than a decade after a secretive plea deal enabled him to avoid similar charges in Florida. Now, familiar questions are swirling again about his possible links to a Who’s Who of prominent political and business figures.

For all his infamy, there are scant details of how he made his money. While he’s frequently been called a billionaire, his net worth is hard to ascertain. He ran a money management firm catering to the ultra-rich, primarily for Victoria’s Secret mogul Les Wexner, but its assets were never made public and few on Wall Street have dealt with him as a financier or money manager.

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