No One Should Be A Billionaire

An illustration of billionaire Jeff Bezos

Illustrated | SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images, Elen11/iStock, aklionka/iStock

An opinion from Jeff Spross of The Week – “Does anyone deserve to have a billion dollars?” But let’s sit with that question of “deserving” for a moment. The CEOs of America’s largest companies make something like 300 times as much as the typical worker. Is anyone willing to defend the idea that any human being is really able to provide society with labor that is 300 times more useful than another’s? Keep in mind the lowest paid workers in the U.S. include jobs such as farm workers and personal home health care aids. These are the people who sweat and toil to make our food; the people who care for our family members or ourselves when we can no longer walk or exercise or shower or take our medicine or use the bathroom on our own.

Who could American society more easily do without?

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