Once-Pristine Canyon in Iceland Closed After Justin Bieber Video

Bieber didn't start the canyons destruction, people did!

Iceland’s Fjadrárgljúfur Canyon is now closed to visitors.

Photo: Bloomberg


A large sign warns motorists that Iceland’s Fjadrárgljúfur canyon is closed to visitors but drivers keep on coming down the narrow gravel road. A ranger at a roadblock has to explain why no one can pass: The vulnerable landscape cannot sustain more visitors.

Unfortunately we probably have to blame Justin Bieber, the Canadian pop star with a worldwide reach.

Bieber’s magical music video “I’ll Show You” was filmed at the canyon and seen by millions, creating overwhelming demand for the once-pristine spot. For a chance to follow in Bieber’s footsteps, his fans are not letting a few fences, signs or park rangers keep them away.

Though Bieber might not have realized it would attract that kind of crowd after just a video, his people could have checked with prior location shooting spots to see their turnout after filming was done there. If they didn’t, they should have and need to start too or maybe just do their filming in ‘normal’ spots. We feel Bieber probably tried to show it’s beauty to his fans, not cause it’s destruction. Any thoughts? Please comment below

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