Outrageous photos show how the kids of billionaires spend their parents’ fortunes

We hope Bill Gates daughter Jennifer (pictured) donates to the world like her well known father, Bill.

Bill Gates and his daughter Jennifer Gates. Photo: Shutterstock Rex for EE





Children of billionaires have access to a world that many can’t even begin to fathom.

Some, like Jennifer Gates, the daughter of Bill Gates, and Eve Jobs, the daughter of Steve Jobs, use their fortunes to pursue passions like schooling (both went to Stanford) and competing in equestrian events.

Holly Branson, Richard Branson’s daughter, takes after her dad and loves to spend her money on experiences and adventures rather than material objects.

Tiffany Trump and Alexa Dell both have a taste for finer fashion and seeing the world, while Larry Ellison’s son, David Ellison, loves to get around in style, like via jet or snowboard.

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