Owner of the Most Valuable Company In The World, And Half of the Richest Couple in the World, who is the Richest Man In The World, Jeff Bezos and Wife to Divorce – Their divorce will rank among the most expensive of all time — Here are the 10 costliest divorces ever.

This is the couple that will split $137 billion

Amazon founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos announced on Wednesday that he and his wife MacKenzie were divorcing, immediately fueling speculation about the details of their divorce settlement.

Bezos, with a net worth of $137 billion, is the richest person in the world, and half of the richest couple in the world, so some experts have mused whether his divorce could become the most expensive of all time.

Although no details of a Bezos settlement have been revealed, the tech mogul may end up on the long list of celebrities who have been on the wrong end of a costly divorce settlement, which includes Paul McCartney, Madonna, Tiger Woods, and even Donald Trump.

Each of those settlements was worth tens of millions of dollars, but they pale in comparison to the most expensive divorce settlements of all time.

Most costliest to us means how much money the main breadwinner had to give their partner in the divorce, and most expensive is how much it actually cost to get the divorce (such as lawyers, court costs etc.)
See the top 10 most expensive divorces of all time at…….The most expensive divorces of all time


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