Robert Indiana’s artwork to be auctioned off to cover legal fees

In this Sept. 1, 2018 photo, the windows are boarded up on artist Robert Indiana’s historic “Star of Hope” home on Main Street in Vinalhaven, Maine. Indiana died on May 19 in the house, which had a hole in the roof and pigeons living inside. But testimony in probate court showed that he had plenty of money even as his home fell into disrepair around him.

Two pieces of artwork belonging to the late artist Robert Indiana will be auctioned off by his estate next week in hopes of providing future funds for the ongoing legal fight surrounding the estate and the crumbling home Indiana left behind.

Indiana, the renowned pop-artist known for his iconic “Love” series, died in May at his Vinalhaven home, known as the “Star of Hope,” where he lived since the late 1970s. He was 89.

In the six months since his death, a legal battle has surrounded the estate he left behind. On one front, the executor of his estate, Rockland-based attorney James Brannan, has launched a wide effort to locate artwork that belonged to Indiana, and therefore his estate.
On the other front, Indiana’s estate is contesting a lawsuit filed in New York the day before Indiana died. The suit alleges that in the years before his death, two of Indiana’s associates isolated the artist and produced fraudulent artwork under his name.
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Robert Indiana’s artwork to be auctioned off to cover legal fees

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