Robin Williams Daughter, Actress Zelda Williams, Spends Millions on The Historic Aldous Huxley Estate

Miss Williams’ LA starter house, currently in escrow at $3.2 million

Zelda Williams is a very young lass (she’s still in her 20s), the only daughter of the late iconic comedian Robin Williams. As most of y’all probably know, Mr. Williams tragically took his own life back in 2014, leaving an estate conservatively valued at $100 million to be divided between his third wife and his three adult children from prior marriages.
Our gurl Miss Williams is a product of her father’s second marriage to former nanny Marsha Garces and has been acting since she was a mere 5 years old. Since then, she’s amassed dozens of film and TV credits. Fun fact: one of Miss Williams’ favorite pastimes is playing video games, appropriate for a gal named after The Legend of Zelda.
The Spanish-style property was owned for decades by the Aldous Huxley family, he the late, great author most famous for his watershed dystopian novel Brave New World. Our Mr. Huxley passed way back in 1963, but his much younger widow Laura continued to reside in the house until her 2007 death.
(A bit of trivia: Mr. Huxley died in this house. In the final hours of his life, unable to speak, the cancer-stricken writer scrawled out a note to his wife asking for an LSD injection. The late Mrs. Huxley obliged and her husband “tripped” his way out of this world, so to speak. What a way to go, right?)
Anyway, the Spanish-style casa fell into disrepair during the latter years of the Widow Huxley’s lifetime. In May 2008, shortly after her death, it was sold for just $1,950,000 to a woman named Rosemary Macedo, who sunk lots of money into renovations and endowed the ol’ gurl with a new lease on life.
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Zelda Williams spends millions on the historic Aldous Huxley estate

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