Rolls-Royce Teams Up to Create a Bespoke Phantom to Help Fight AIDs

A shining new red Rolls-Royce Phantom sits in front of the main Rolls-Royce Headquarters

A Red Rolls-Royce Phantom To Fight AIDS – A Commission with Mickalene Thomas

A Sotheby’s Auction – With Just 7 Days Left To Bid



It’s rare that the sale of a beautifully engineered car stands to benefit anyone other than its very lucky owner. Rolls-Royce is flipping that narrative with its newest partnership, which aims to help one of the world’s leading AIDS charities in its efforts to fight the disease.

A bespoke version of the carmaker’s iconic Phantom has been painted a deep crimson hue, and will be auctioned off later this month at Sotheby’s (the bidding starts at $450,000). The lot comes complete with a Rolls-Royce Bespoke Commissioning and Craftsmanship Book that’s sure to be a collector’s item. Proceeds from the sale will support international organization RED. Whoever claims the limited-edition gem will also have the opportunity to create a custom wrap for the car’s exterior with contemporary American artist Mickalene Thomas based on a piece of her original artwork. Thomas will also provide a personalized fine art collage as a memento.


A shining new Rolls-Royce Phantom
The Special Edition Rolls-Royce Phantom


You can place your bid for this one-of-a-kind set of wheels on Sotheby’s website until the auction closes on December 13th at 11AM.

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