Scotland: Thousands Object to Trump Housing Estate Plans

Donald Trump at his Turnberry golf club in Scotland.
A record number of people have objected to plans by the Trump Organization to build a large new housing estate near the US president’s golf course north of Aberdeen.
More than 3,000 people have submitted formal objections to the plans, with another 19,000 people signing an online petition protesting against the scheme to build 550 private homes and golfers’ chalets on farmland beside the course.
Officials in Aberdeenshire council are now sifting through 3,026 letters of objection sent by the 38 Degrees campaign website before the public consultation period ended last week.
The council is also considering whether to accept the online petition, which was posted on the 38 Degrees site by local campaign group Tripping up Trump, as valid.
Read more starting at ‘Of the 85 public responses accepted by the council before Monday evening,’ at…..
Scotland: thousands object to Trump housing estate plans

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