See Carrie Underwood's New House – Almost Complete With White Picket Fence (8 Images)

Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher are not only expecting their 2nd child in February 2019, they are currently moving into their new home they have been constructing for the last year.
‘My husband, Mike [Fisher], and I are designing our ‘forever’ home. My must-haves are a wood-burning fireplace, a porch swing, and rocking chairs,’ Carrie told Country Living back in 2016.
Carrie has had some experience with this before, building homes in Ottawa, Canada and Franklin, TN., a ‘suburb’ of Nashville.
Last Saturday Carrie posted a photo of a moving truck with the caption “Best in the biz right there! Thanks. Blacktiemoving you guys are awesome!! (Pictured Below)
As you can see, they have chosen a very secluded location, to help keep those with prying eyes at bay after they had problems with gawker’s and trespasser’s at their last location.
Here are the pics.
Carrie Underwood posted this photo memorializing the new move

Carrie Underwoods New Nashville Home 02
Carrie Underwood’s New Nashville Home – Photo: The MEGA Agency

Carrie Underwoods New Nashville Home 03
Carrie Underwood’s Newest House – November 2018

Carrie Underwoods New Nashville Home 04
Carrie Underwood’s house sits high up on a hill, over-looking the barn-house they have been staying in while their new home has been under construction. Both homes are on their property outside Nashville.

Carrie Underwoods New Nashville Home 05
Movers carrying packages into Carrie Underwood’s new house in Nashville.

Carrie Underwoods New Nashville Home
Carrie Underwood and NHL star husband, Mike Fisher’s new house outside Nashville.

Carrie Underwoods Temporary Home While Her New Home Was Being Built
This is what she calls the barn-house, where they have been living while their new home is being constructed.

Carrie Underwood, her husband Mike Fisher, and their son Isaiah
The Fisher – Underwood Family – Carrie Fisher, husband Mike Fisher and son Isaiah.

Pictures from The Mega Agency and Getty Images

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