See The 35 Floridians Who Made Forbes 400 'Wealthiest Americans' List and How You Can Contact Them

Mansion on the right was once even owned by John Lennon of the Beatles
Palm Beach Properties Owned By Billionaires – Photo:

Here are the Floridians that have made this years Forbes 400 list, Forbes magazine’s annual ranking of the richest American’s. Though they are called ‘Floridians’ most of the people on this list actually only have a ‘second’ home in Florida, while their main residence is usually in their home state.

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Here are the billionaires that have a home in Florida that made the Forbes 400 for 2018.

  1. Thomas Peterffy; net worth $20.2 billion; discount brokerage
  2. David Tepper; net worth $11.6 billion; hedge funds
  3. Micky Arison; net worth $9.4 billion; Carnival Cruises
  4. Shahid Khan; net worth $7.6 billion; auto parts
  5. Whitney MacMillan; net worth $6.3 billion; Cargill
  6. Reinhold Schmieding; net worth $5.9 billion; medical devices
  7. Charles Johnson; net worth $5 billion; money management
  8. J. Christopher Reyes; net worth $4.9 billion; food distribution
  9. Jude Reyes; net worth$4.9 billion; food distribution
  10. Robert Rich, Jr. ; net worth$4.9 billion; frozen foods
  11. Dirk Ziff; $4.8 billion; investments
  12. Paul Tudor Jones; II. $4.5 billion; hedge funds
  13. Terrence Pegula; $4.5 billion; natural gas
  14. Russ Weiner; $4.5 billion; energy drinks
  15. Nick Caporella; $4.4 billion; beverages
  16. Richard Schulze; $4.4 billion; Best Buy
  17. Isaac Perlmutter; $4.3 billion; Marvel comics
  18. Igor Olenicoff; $4.1 billion; real estate
  19. Tom Golisano; $3.5 billion; payroll services
  20. Jeff Greene; $3.4 billion; real estate, investments
  21. Randal Kirk; $3 billion; pharmaceuticals
  22. Edward DeBartolo, Jr.; $2.9 billion; shopping centers
  23. William Wrigley, Jr.; $2.9 billion; chewing gum
  24. Phillip Frost; $2.6 billion; pharmaceuticals
  25. John Henry; $2.6 billion; sports
  26. Jorge Perez; $2.6 billion; real estate
  27. C. Dean Metropoulos; $2.5 billion; investments
  28. Norman Braman; $2.4 billion; art, car dealerships
  29. Kenneth Feld & family; $2.4 billion; circus, live entertainment
  30. Rakesh Gangwal; $2.3 billion; airline
  31. Todd Christopher; $2.2 billion; hair care products
  32. James Clark; $2.2 billion; Netscape, investments
  33. S. Daniel Abraham; $2.1 billion; Slim-Fast
  34. Katherine Tanner; $2.1 billion; Cargill
  35. Ronald Wanek; $2.1 billion; furniture

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