See The Mansion The Obama's Are Vacationing At – Starting Friday

President and Michelle Obama will be flying to the Rancho Mirage mansion of outgoing US ambassador to Spain James Costos and his husband and interior designer, Michael S Smith, who’s been the White House decorator since 2008.
The house is called Ichpa Mayapan, meaning “exclusive estate” is in Rancho Mirage, near Palm Springs, inside a gated community and perched at the top of the development, and on over 8 acres. The 11,000 sq. ft. house has been completely gutted and renovated since 2011. And it is private – with nothing but mountains to the west, the views to the valley on the east are spectacular.
Though the aerial images are not the best, they do give you a sense of what it looks like, though the aerial images are from before the remodeling.
The Obama’s have stayed at James and Michael’s home 4 times prior to this visit.

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Thank you to Architectural Digest for the images. Here is a link to an article they did about the remodel – Obama’s Staying At James Costos and Michael S Smith House

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