See The Richest Person In Each State

For the fourth year in a row, Forbes has scoured the country from sea to shining sea to find the richest person in every single state.

For the fourth year in a row, Forbes has scoured the country from sea to shining sea to find the richest person in every single state.



Are you interested in knowing who the richest or wealthiest person in your state is this year?

Forbes posted this info-graph and list to show you who the richest person in each state is for 2018.  Are you on the list? Just kidding….. Here it is……

This info-graph shows you just who is the richest person in state.
Richest Person in Each State For 2018 – (Design by Nick DeSantis, FORBES staff)


Wealthiest (Richest) Person In Each State For 2018


Six of the 50 U.S. states lack a billionaire altogether. For more on the richest person in those states, see here.

Here is the full list:


Alabama: Jimmy Rane, lumber, $950 million

Alaska: Leonard Hyde, Jonathan Rubini & families, real estate, $310 million each

Arizona: Mark Shoen, U-Haul, $3 billion

Arkansas: Jim Walton, Walmart, $40.3 billion

California: Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, $74 billion

Colorado: Philip Anschutz, investments, $12.7 billion

Connecticut: Ray Dalio, hedge funds, $17.4 billion

Delaware: Robert Gore and Elizabeth Snyder, Gore-Tex, $750 million each

Florida: Thomas Peterffy, discount brokerage, $25.7 billion

Georgia: Jim Kennedy, media, $9 billion

Hawaii: Pierre Omidyar, eBay, $10.6 billion

Idaho: Frank VanderSloot, nutrition and wellness, $3.4 billion

Illinois: Ken Griffin, hedge funds, $9 billion

Indiana: Carl Cook, medical devices, $8.2 billion

Iowa: Harry Stine, agriculture, $3.2 billion

Kansas: Charles Koch, Koch Industries, $51.5 billion

Kentucky: B. Wayne Hughes, self storage, $2.7 billion

Louisiana: Gayle Benson, New Orleans Saints, $2.7 billion

Maine: Susan Alfond, shoes, $1.6 billion

Maryland: Ted Lerner & family, real estate, $5.1 billion

Massachusetts: Abigail Johnson, money management, $16.9 billion

Michigan: Daniel Gilbert, Quicken Loans, $6.3 billion

Minnesota: Glen Taylor, printing, $2.8 billion

Mississippi: James and Thomas Duff, diversified, $1.2 billion each

Missouri: Pauline MacMillan Keinath, Cargill, $7.2 billion

Montana: Dennis Washington, construction and mining, $5.9 billion

Nebraska: Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway, $85 billion

Nevada: Sheldon Adelson, casinos, $42.8 billion

New Hampshire: Andrea Reimann-Ciardelli, consumer goods, $1.1 billion

New Jersey: John Overdeck, hedge funds, $5.5 billion

New Mexico: Mack C. Chase, oil, $700 million

New York: David Koch, Koch Industries, $51.5 billion

North Carolina: James Goodnight, software, $9.9 billion

North Dakota: Gary Tharaldson, hotels, $900 million

Ohio: Les Wexner & family, retail, $5.4 billion

Oklahoma: Harold Hamm & family, oil and gas, $19.5 billion

Oregon: Phil Knight & family, Nike, $30.7 billion

Pennsylvania: Victoria Mars, candy and pet food, $6 billion

Rhode Island: Jonathan Nelson, private equity, $1.8 billion

South Carolina: Anita Zucker, chemicals, $2.5 billion

South Dakota: T. Denny Sanford, banking and credit cards, $2.5 billion

Tennessee: Thomas Frist Jr & family, hospitals, $9.7 billion

Texas: Alice Walton, Walmart, $40 billion

Utah: Gail Miller, Utah Jazz and car dealers, $1.4 billion

Vermont: John Abele, healthcare, $630 million

Virginia: Jacqueline Mars, candy and pet food, $23.8 billion

Washington: Jeff Bezos, Amazon, $132 billion

West Virginia: Jim Justice II, coal, $1.9 billion

Wisconsin: John Menard Jr, home improvement, $10.5 billion

Wyoming: John Mars, candy and pet food, $23.8 billion


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