Seven West Heir Ryan Stokes Expecting First Child

One of Australia’s richest families could be getting ready to welcome a new member.

Claire and Ryan Stokes, the son of billionaire media tycoon Kerry Stokes, are reportedly expecting their first child.

An insider shared the happy news on Sunday, telling The Daily Telegraph that the baby is due next March.

They'll be Stoked! According to a friend, Ryan and Claire's first child is due next March. They are pictured together last year  
Ryan, 42, is the son Seven West boss Kerry Stokes, who has a reported net worth of $3.93 billion.

Meanwhile, Claire (née Campbell), also boasts an impressive pedigree, with her family founding the iconic Queensland shoe chain, Maryon’s.

An insider at Seven told The Daily Telegraph: ‘This brings much excitement for both families and their close friends.’

Their first child will be welcomed into a very ritzy home, with Claire and Ryan last year snapping up a $16 million property in Sydney’s Darling Point.

The harbour-front home is just a stone’s throw from Kerry’s own mansion in the same suburb.

Thank you to Daily Mail for the story.

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