Sheldon Adelson buys Sammy Ofer's Tel Aviv apartment

Sheldon Adelson and Akirov Towers Photo: Eyal Izhar
US billionaire Sheldon Adelson has bought the luxury Tel Aviv apartment of the late Sammy Ofer, sources inform “Globes.” The penthouse covers one and a half floors in one of the three exclusive Akirov Towers in Pinkas Street in Old North Tel Aviv.
The deal, worth tens of millions of dollars, was signed in July with the heirs of the late Sammy Ofer. The apartment was registered in the name of one of the companies owned by Ofer.
Adelson has bought the penthouse on the 33rd and 34th floors of the middle tower. The penthouse covers 900 square meters and also has a 150 square meter balcony with a commanding view of Tel Aviv.
The original ask for the apartment was $40 million. The official sale has not been registered yet for the final price.
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Sheldon Adelson buys Sammy Ofer’s Tel Aviv apartment

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