South Dakota Billionaire Donates $3.5 Million To Restore Theater

Billionaires really do donate to good causes. You just have to ask.

State Theatre in Sioux Falls, SD  –  Photo – (KELO Radio)


Billionaire Charitable Donation – South Dakota billionaire Denny Sanford has donated $3.5 million to restore a historic theater in downtown Sioux Falls.

And, Mayor Paul TenHaken says he’s committed to setting aside $1.5 in city dollars to help remodel the State Theatre. Sanford and TenHaken announced the donation and restoration Wednesday.

The theater closed in 1990, and several attempts to reopen and renovate it since then have fallen short. The Sioux Falls State Theatre Company has been pushing for a complete renovation for the last decade, spending millions on asbestos removal and HVAC replacement.

Thanks to AP for the story.


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