Struggling 31-Year-Old Suddenly Becomes Heir to British Aristocrat’s $60 Million Estate

The estate was owned by the Penrose family for several hundred years before 1771 when it was bought for £11,000 by the Rogers family.

Penrose Estate – Jordan Adlard-Rogers, 31, inherited the 1,536-acre Penrose Estate after the former owner passed away. (Getty Images)

Rags-to-riches – Wouldn’t it be nice to have a wealthy and obscure relative pass away and leave you their inheritance?

It was a pipe dream come true for a 31-year-old Englishman, who went from struggling with money all his life to becoming the heir of a $60 million country estate.

“I’ve been at the point of worrying about the next bill and have had a tough start in life […] I’m now starting to get my feet under the table here,” Jordan Adlard-Rogers told Cornwall Live.

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