The Billionaire Personal Trainer Sweating His Way to An Even Bigger Fortune – Along With Others From The Times Rich List

Round up on the world’s wealthy: At 57, Technogym’s Nerio Alessandri can easily demonstrate his own equipment while British Brexiteer Anthony Bamford has rejoined the rich list amid a building boom.
Nerio Alessandri is the founder and chief executive of the Italian sport equipment firm Technogym
Nerio Alessandri
Nerio Alessandri is moonlighting as the world’s wealthiest – and perhaps best dressed – personal trainer.
Sporting a blue blazer and chinos, the billionaire founder and chief executive officer of Technogym SpA is demonstrating his company’s top-of-the-line Kinesis Personal Vision machine, whose sleek combination of aluminum alloy arms, cables and polished steel panels allows users to perform more than 200 exercises.
Mr Alessandri, 57, makes it look easy, while others struggle around him.
Anthony Bamford
Anthony Bamford, the Brexit-backing chair of JCB Service, has rejoined the ranks of the planet’s 500 richest people as a global construction boom bolsters demand for his company’s excavation products.
Mr Bamford’s wealth rose $620 million (Dh2,277) to $4.4 billion after JCB released its 2017 results this week. Revenue for the world’s largest privately owned construction equipment maker grew 28 per cent from the previous year to £3.4bn. The Rocester, England-based business paid a £60m dividend to the Bamford family after skipping one the prior year.
Mr Bamford’s fortune makes him the world’s 417th richest, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. The 72-year-old last appeared on the list in June.
Rinat Akhmetov
Rinat Akhmetov has survived revolution, war and nationalization of assets. His fortune has dropped almost four times from its highest level in 2013 after a revolution in Ukraine erupted into conflict with Russia and the annexation of Crimea.
Yet he continues to be Ukraine’s richest person and the 52-year-old is even making a comeback with a fortune of $5.9bn, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.
Mr Akhmetov owns System Capital Management, the country’s largest industrial conglomerate, whose most valuable assets are steel company Metinvest, and DTEK, a coal and energy business. Both had enterprises in Lugansk and Donetsk regions, where an uprising of pro-Russian rebels occurred after mass protests in early 2014.
Kevin Systrom
While he took time off for paternity leave this month, Instagram’s Kevin Systrom had time to reflect on all the small ways Facebook had started to impose its will on the photo-sharing app he co-founded.
Earlier this year, his parent company asked for prompts within Instagram that would drive traffic and add content to its main social network. Meanwhile, Facebook removed some of the links to download Instagram from the Facebook app, people familiar with the matter said. Facebook also wanted more influence over Instagram’s functions such as ad sales, reducing the potential for growth in the app’s own staff in the coming year. Then, in July, chief executive Mark Zuckerberg seemed to take credit for Instagram’s success on the company’s earnings call.
David Siegel and John Overdeck
Billionaires David Siegel and John Overdeck are reviving a little known asset-backed security that boosts potential risks and rewards of investing in private equity funds.
The duo, co-chairmen of the $52bn hedge fund Two Sigma, are using a collateralised fund obligation (CFO) at Sightway Capital, which invests part of their fortune. The CFO raised $216m through a securitised note sale last month, according to the company. The notes will be repaid by the cash flows from stakes in 32 private equity funds.
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The billionaire personal trainer sweating his way to an even bigger fortune

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