The Last Will and Testament of a Guinness Heir: 'I give Galway back her ancient gates – and my nephews get the Rolls Royces'

ARTS LOVER: Garech Browne. Picture: David Conachy
The traditional music enthusiast and Guinness heir the Hon Garech Browne of Luggala, Co Wicklow, has left more than €4m in an eccentric 1985 will in which many of the beneficiaries, including his father and mother, Lord and Lady Oranmore and Browne, are already dead.

He added a brief codicil (correction) in 1990 to revoke a legacy of £1,000 to one beneficiary and instructed: “My mortal remains are to be cremated by a fire of sandalwood and cow dung, according to Hindu rites.”
He left his nephews a vintage Rolls-Royce each, a 1951 Silver Wraith to Dorian Browne and a 1931 Phantom II to his brother Julian.
Garech Domnagh Browne died on March 10 this year at St Thomas Hospital Westminster, London, aged 79 after falling ill while dining with his cousin Nicholas Gormanston. His ashes were scattered on Lough Tay, according to his wishes, on August 10.
His will names Irish friends, relatives and staff as beneficiaries but he also bequeathed valuable paintings and artifacts to the Irish nation.

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