The Many Tribulations of Topshop Billionaire Sir Philip Green: Britian's Libel Law In The Spotlight

Sir Philip Green Yacht Lionheart Sideview
Side View of Superyacht ‘Lionheart’ – Sir Philip Green’s $100 million toy.

Sir Philip Green Yacht Lionheart
Sir Philip Green Cruising On His $100 Million Luxury Yacht ‘Lionheart’

Global bon vivant and Topshop founder Sir Philip Green faces yet another difficult party season this Christmas. He and his wife Lady Tina, residents of Monaco’s cozy tax haven, routinely retreat to Barbados’ even cozier Sandy Lane for Christmas, where they ring in the new year with an epic bash, occasionally including his friend and business partner, television producer and star-finder Simon Cowell, who is also fond of Barbados at year’s end.

This time around, Sir Philip’s troubles seem to have begun in Parliament, specifically, in the House of Lords, where on Thursday, October 25th, Lord Peter Hain invoked parliamentary privilege for the third time in his decades-long career and named Sir Philip as the anonymous ‘leading businessman’ who was successfully preventing the Daily Telegraph from publishing an eight-month investigation into a raft of workplace-abuse claims against Sir Philip. Never short of an abrasive remark for men or women, Sir Philip was, historically, somewhat of a legend among his staff and among the British press for his almost athletic ability to engage in quick-cutting, corrosive exchanges. Among the British press, chasing Sir Philip down in Monaco, or sending the paparazzi out in speedboats to harry his superyacht, the Lionheart, became a kind of sport, all the more so as his daughter Cloe became enamored of male model and former Los Angeles gang member “hot felon” Jeremy Meeks, got pregnant, had the baby, and has begun heartily planning her wedding with her mother, Lady Tina.
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The Many Tribulations of Topshop Billionaire Sir Philip Green: Britian’s Libel Law In The Spotlight

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