Top Real Estate Agent Says Pools Are Necessary For The Wealthy

Living a luxury lifestyle would just not be the same with the swimming pool.

This home would just not be the same without it’s swimming pool. In 2019, it really is part of the luxury house experience.




For wealthy homebuyers in Los Angeles, pools are often a necessity.

California-based real-estate agent Jade Mills was ranked No. 6 on Real Trends’ 2019 list of top US real estate professionals by sales volume, represented the buyer of the Playboy Mansion in 2016, and is Beverly Hills’ top real-estate agent. She recently told Business Insider that, in Los Angeles, a swimming pool in a luxury home is often seen, not as an amenity, but as a necessity.

From BWN – Beautiful pools are part of the luxury life of the wealthy. Luxury homes without pools are often passed over. Indoor basement type pools are acceptable, but outdoor pools, with lush greenery and sunshine, are the real sellers. What would Dallas or Dynasty have been without their pools? The pool is a staple of being wealthy, the life of luxury. A Hollywood mansion is many times ‘centered’ around the pool. Without it ‘luxury’ life just isn’t the same.

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