Trump Tower, Once the Crown Jewel of Trump Properties, Is Now One of the Least Desirable Luxury Properties in NYC

Trump Tower Entrance - No longer a desirable location to live in New York.

Protestors wearing Donald Trump masks rally outside of Trump Tower during an April Fools’ Day protest against U.S. President Donald Trump, April 1, 2019 in New York City.Photo: Drew Angerer (Getty Images)


In the 1980s, well before the great herpes outbreak at Coachella, Trump Tower was the place to be. Many superstars that your parents enjoyed watching on fatback TVs once graced the space, including Michael Jackson, Johnny Carson and Steven Spielberg.

According to Bloomberg, the 36-year-old building has become one of the least desirable luxury properties in Manhattan since Donald Trump took office. Trump Tower has become a damn impenetrable fortress (unless you have a fire-breathing dragon being driven by a mad woman) “ringed with concrete barriers and the two main entrances partially blocked off.” Also, the building hasn’t been updated in a long while so the place still looks like a solid gold bar had sex with a Z Gallerie. And because people who believe that sugar should never be anywhere near grits don’t care for Trump’s tower or Russian prostitute urine, they have shunned the building and all the inhabitants in it.

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