Want your kid to be like Bill Gates? Here’s what the billionaire’s parents didn’t do—and it clearly paid off

Bill Gates could never have dreamed what was in store for him in this picture.

Microsoft Co-founder Bill Gates on January 1, 1990.

Photo – Doug Wilson For Getty Images


Want to raise the next Bill Gates? Join the club. Bringing up a multibillionaire tech legend is really just a pipe dream, but it goes without saying that we still want our children to be successful.

How to best lay the foundation for that success, however, remains a bit of a mystery. Psychological studies and parenting books are among the sources we mine for guidance, but we’d be remiss to ignore the wealth of hand-me-down wisdom from none other than the parents of Bill Gates.

William Gates Sr. and his late wife Mary adopted some pretty distinct parenting methods (you might even call a few of them “unconventional”) that clearly helped unleash their son’s greatness.

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