Welcome Back To Billionaire World News

Welcome to All.

You may remember us from WordPress.com, as both Billionaire Addresses and Billionaires News however we have moved our site to WordPress.org so we can use all the great tools that come along with a WordPress.org account.

First, we now have our old regular name back, it is Billionaire World News, however when trying to just type it out, we would like to point out that it is a .org domain and NOT a .com domain anymore, it is now https://BillionaireWorldNews.org

As always, we are here to give you our spin on all the daily news of the wealthy and super rich. When transferring the image files over to the new site, WordPress.com lost them and had to re-find them. Once we managed to download all 600mg of files, the zip file was corrupt, so we are still working on getting those back up.

If you had links from any of the images or posts, we ask that you please update them to the new address by just changing the ‘billionaireworldnews.org/wp-content/uploads to billionaireworldnews.org/wp-content/uploads Anything after the .com can stay the same such as billionaireaddresses.worpress.com/see-billionaire-shonies-house would now be billionaireworldnews/see-billionaire-shonies-house .If you could do this we would be greatful as the forwarding is of course NOT WORKING either.

Well that’s about it, we welcome you back and hope you continue to come and enjoy all the images we have become known for. Thank you very MUCH!

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