Wendy Williams Delays Show -Really In Rehab and Getting a Divorce?

wendy williams house new jersey
Wendy Williams House in New Jersey – Bing

Inside sources are telling use that allegedly talk show host Wendy Williams, who has been MIA on her talk show since before Christmas 2018 is not really out with a shoulder inquiry, it is supposedly from fighting with her husband and manager of 20 years, Kevin Hunter. Our sources are saying that she actually has slipped off the drug wagon after a long year of fighting with her husband over a reported mistress that he has now got pregnant for the 2nd time. She has allegedly hired accounts to scour her bank accounts to find money that he has taken to spend on his mistress. It seems as though some of their Hunter Foundation money may be missing and she thinks he may be using it to fund his ‘other life’. It is said they have been living separate lives for the past year, since the cheating was exposed.

And another source, that was talking on Instagram, Family Matters star Cherie Johnson, who played Maxine on the 1990s sitcom, shared some harsh words with the talk show maven regarding her husband’s alleged love child and mistress.

In her blog titled “Advice For My Sistas,” she shared her thoughts on the rumored infidelity and issued some direct advice to Williams and boldly shaded her in the process.

“This is my last ain’t-s**t, talkin’ s**t post of 2018,” she said. “Hey, Wendy, I heard that your husband got his mistress pregnant for the second time and you about to play stepmama again. Now, it seems like Kevin got that super-spern. How come you ain’t gettin’ pregnant? Oh, that’s right. How you doin’, William? Karma’s a b***h. You need to leave people alone in 2019. Find Jesus. Be a nicer person.”

The harsh comments didn’t end there. The video’s supporting caption, which appeared even more brutal to some, saw her insinuate that Hunter physically abuses Williams.

“How’s that arm doing @wendyshow so I heard it was domestic Violence??” she wrote. “Don’t worry Step mother you matter too…. #Karma #adviceformysistas #Adviceformysistablog.”

None the less, if all true, we wish her well and hope for a better 2019 for her.

The couple's names are on the mailbox outside the home (pictured). Hunter and Hudson were both seen coming and going from the property which sits on a quiet lane 
The house her husband Kevin Hunter Allegedly bought for his mistress as reported by DailyMail

The mailbox at the home Hunter shares with Sharina features both of their names as well as a relative of Sharina
If just ‘a friend’ why is his name in her mailbox? A DailyMail photo.

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