Westchester Tops List of Most Expensive Home Sales Outside NYC

westchester tops list of most expensive home sales outside nyc
Most Expensive Sales Outside New York City

Industry blog PropertyShark released their latest research this month, tracking the priciest transactions this side of Manhattan.
The list considers every home sold in every county north of New York City last year. Of the top 10 most expensive properties sold, eight of them were in Westchester County. (The other two went to Dutchess, if you care.)
Sales ranged from a wimpy $6.65 million Rhinebeck home to the record-setting $33 million former home of David Rockefeller in Tarrytown’s Pocantico Hills neighborhood. That estate is an 11,000 square foot mansion sitting on 75 acres of land full of lush gardens and greenhouses, stables, and servant’s quarters. It would have topped the list when originally valued at only $22 million, but eventually sold to a local LLC for 50 percent above asking price.
See for yourself above or at……..Westchester Tops List of Most Expensive Home Sales Outside NYC
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